Archived News: 2010

LIVE ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW - Sunday, 5 December 2010

Our new album, Live Recordings Vol. 1, is now available from the online store.

The record contains songs from both The Whybirds and Cold Blue Sky, as well as three previously unreleased tracks - "Recover, Repeat", "Something Real" and "Before I Go Crazy".

It'll make a great Christmas present!

Back from Spain, Living Room show cancelled - Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi there,

We had a good time in Spain, it was great playing with the Drive By Truckers in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, and our two headline shows in Gijon and Hondarribia were great fun too. It was good to make so many new friends over there.

Now we're back, in all this snow, and we've just been informed that our our gig at the Living Room in Cambridge on 3rd December has been cancelled due to the weather. Apologies all.

The Whybirds

SHORT NOTICE MINI TOUR! Northampton, Leicester and Sheffield dates announced! - Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Whybirds will be playing three dates with The Union on their upcoming UK tour.

Apologies for the short notice, but the dates are:

Thurs 23 Sep: Roadmender, Northampton

Fri 24 Sep: O2 Academy 2, Leicester

Sun 26 Sep: O2 Academy 2, Sheffield

SPANISH TOUR ANNOUNCED! - Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Whybirds are very happy to announce their first international tour: five dates in Spain this November!

Not only are the 'birds going to be playing Spain for the first time, they'll be doing three of the shows with the mighty Drive-By Truckers!

23/11/10 Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona w/ Drive-By Truckers
24/11/10 Sala Heineken, Madrid w/ Drive-By Truckers
25/11/10 Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao w/ Drive-By Truckers
26/11/10 Dom Pedro, Gijon
27/11/10 Pyslocibenea, Hondarribia

RHYTHM FESTIVAL THIS FRIDAY (20 August) - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi all,

We're on 4:30 on the main stage at the Rhythm Festival at Twinwoods, Bedford, this Friday. Hope to see you all there.

The Whybirds

Elements of Flow Festival cancelled - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just so you know, the Elements of Flow Festival in Bury St Edmunds has been cancelled.

T-Shirts now available online - Friday, July 23, 2010

We're now selling t-shirts at our online store, get over there and get one!

Also, the new forum is up and running now too, so speak your brains out.

CLASSIC ROCK FEATURE & REVIEW! - Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi all,

We're in the current issue of Classic Rock (with The Doors on the cover). There's a feature on p23 and a 7/10 review on p88. I think this means we can say that Cold Blue Sky is critically acclaimed... oops, we've gone and said it!

"With the succession of stirring hooks and choruses, jangling guitars and sparkling harmonies, for a while you think they must be fluking it, that the cracks will start to show. But they never do" -- Classic Rock (7/10)

"Refreshingly uncompromising, authentic and gutsy"
-- R2 Rock 'n' Reel (4/5)

"Powerful, full of dynamic energy…passionate and focused"
- Maverick (4/5)

"Unpretentious that will make an awful lot of people very happy"
- Americana UK (7/10)

"No nonsense, hard-rocking Americana"
- Northern Sky

"There are no whys about it, The Whybirds are here and have successfully restored my faith in the now"
- Eurorock

The Troubadour, London (16 July) - Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi there 'birds fans,

We're just about rested and recuperated from the first leg of our Cold Blue Sky tour and ready to start playing again.

We've only got one gig this month, the Ampthill Festival in Bedfordshire on 27 June, but in July we're playing some great gigs including the Riverside Festival in Lincolnshire (3 July), Rhythms of the World in Hertfordshire (25 July) and the O2 Academy in Oxford with The Quireboys (30 July).

Most importantly though, we're headlining the Troubadour in London on Friday 16 July. We've got The Buffalo Riot from Liverpool supporting us - who some of you may remember we played with when we supported The Union at The Garage - and they're bloomin' marvelous.

The Troubadour show is our only major London headline show booked for summer/autumn, so please come down and show your support. Tickets are available for £7 at or will be £8 on the door. However, it's not the biggest of places, so we recommend buying your tickets in advance!

Other than that, we're being featured in an upcoming issue of Classic Rock magazine, we'll keep you posted. Speaking of Classic Rock, "Jenny, Can We Take a Ride?" is currently on their Heavy Rotation playlist (July issue), which is great news.

That's all for now, keep on keepin' on,

The Whybirds

And another good CBS review... - Friday, June 04, 2010

Click here to read it.

Another good review for Cold Blue Sky... - Sunday, May 30, 2010

...this time from Eurorock.

Esquires review (10.04.10) - Monday, April 19, 2010

Courtesy of Martin Stapleton at

Americana is alive and well and living very nicely in Bedfordshire, courtesy of our very own musical treasures The Whybirds. With fifteen different varieties of beer and cider on their faded denim jeans, these hard giggin' boys are hotly anticipated on their homepatch by this reviewer. The summer appears to be just as busy as they look to embark on their Cold Blue Sky Tour 2010. Shared acoustic dates with fellow Bedford boys The Quireboys, plus support slots with 80s legends Jason And The Scorchers are forthcoming dates for the diary.

Marrying the swagger of dirty rock 'n' roll to the hoedowns and heartaches of porch twang and mountain melodies, they open solidly with "I Feel Loved" and "Morning Light". Encapsulating country sensibilities with a genius for songwriting, "Something Beautiful (This Way Comes)" could aptly be a self-describing song. Oh yes, "I can feel it in my bones". Overdriven guitars and a sprightly tempo encase "Jenny, Can We Take a Ride?". The insanely infectious "Hauling" certainly has me joining in with the chorus of "blow out the candles".

They create such an ethereal beauty with these seemingly simple songs. The Whybirds embrace the musical platter, full of ebb and flow mood swings. The vocal variation is perhaps open to debate, but I feel this unique simplicity is so inviting, so inclusive, that you would have to be pretty impervious to refuse their differing 'grizzly' vocal charms. Pitch perfect and unfaltering, they deliver every syllable with total passion and absolute belief, none more so than on "Girl is on Fire". The Whybirds always deliver an unusual cover and tonight is their salute to the 'godfather of grunge', Mr Neil Young. Their version of "Fuckin' Up" brings their superb set to an end. Although it is getting very late, the loud shouts for an encore are answered by The Whybirds with "Before I Go Crazy". The perfect nightcap to send us all home happy and content.

Interview - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi folks,

We were the cover stars of the first issue of a local Bedford music magazine, called The Entertainer. We're interviewed on pg6 and there's a review of the Cold Blue Sky record on pg11. Read it here.


CBS gets 4/5 stars from R2 (Rock N Reel) Magazine! - Monday, March 15, 2010

The magazine is on shelves in WHSmiths, HMV and other places now!

THE WHYBIRDS - Cold Blue Sky ****

In the early 1980s, it looked as if new wave and electro-funk had rendered the great rock styles of the 60s and 70s obsolete, so it's very heartening to see the torch passed on to much younger generations. The Whybirds' style is country-tinged, hard-rocking, very American boogie: Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, E Street Band and - perhaps especially - Crazy Horse. Very well do The Whybirds perform it, too: all four members play with skill and spirit, each sings well, and each writes decent songs, resulting in an album of even and impressive quality. The whole project is refreshingly uncompromising: no twenty-first century electronica adulteration, no postmodern irony. They even look the part with their jeans, beards, and long hair. Furthermore, The Whybirds are actually English.

The Whybirds are great live, yet Cold Blue Sky proves that their music can work at home too. If you're in a mood for rocking out with some beers, what better style is there? The sentiments conveyed are far more authentic and gutsy than those of heavy metal or US stadium rock. I hope Neil Young hears this album: he'd know just where to go if he's ever seeking a UK pick-up band. Rychard Carrington


It's official! The Whybirds' second album, Cold Blue Sky, is now available for download across the globe! You can find it on iTunes and among other stores, for as little as £5.99!

However, us Whybirds are sticklers for sound quality and enjoy little extras like a 12-page lyric book and a digipack case, so if you're the same, get on over to store and buy the hard copy!

Enjoy the record!

The Whybirds

CBS on iTunes, Amazon etc on Monday - Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Whybirds fans!

We're very excited to tell you that this Monday 15th March marks the official release of Cold Blue Sky!

Although the CD version has been available from for a little while now, as of Monday you will be able to download the album from iTunes, and other digital media worldwide.

However, the band still recommends buying the CD copy: not only does it sound better than MP3s, it comes with a 12-page lyric book and also contains the bonus track "I Just Want to See Your Face".

The album has already been receiving critical praise, with Americana UK saying: "The strength of the record is the way that they ably put all their influences together into a cohesive whole, even with four different perspectives. The songs are all strong, the guitars burn and twist and just when you think it needs something different along comes 'I Just Want to See Your Face' or the title track to deliver up something gentler, more reflective… This record isn't about boundaries, it is about unpretentious alt-country and it is going to make an awful lot of people very happy."

In other news, the 'birds have confirmed some more festival dates, with the Off The Tracks event in Derbyshire (headlined by Alabama 3) on 28th May being the latest addition.

This month will see the band begin their acoustic tour with The Quireboys, with the band's first ever show in Leicester on the 25th. Prior to that, the band will be playing The Cornerhouse in Cambridge this Saturday (13th) and then at Club 85 in Hitchin on Sunday (14th). Be sure to check out for the latest gig listings.

That's it for now, we hope you're all well and that 2010 is working out for you!

Americana UK review for CBS - Monday, March 06, 2010

Whybirds fly the flag for Americana

The first point in the Whybirds favour is that they are of one of only a handful of bands that have ever reminded me of the underrated Chuck Cleaver, whether with the Ass Ponys or the similarly under-appreciated Wussy.

The opening 'Glow' starts slowly, a spark before it fully arrives with the chorus which hits home with the friendly force of a released 100lb Labrador that's been locked in the kitchen all day. The instinctive grasp of dynamics is evidenced by the contrast between the clipped verses and the longer notes of the chorus; the huge guitar sound helps too.

Having four songsmiths in the band means that they're never going to sound too homogenous, Dave Banks follows Taff Thatcher's opener with a slice of good old Uncle Tupelo (in Jeff Tweedy mode) with 'I Feel Loved'. Luke Tuchscherer's voice is better and he stakes out territory in the Son Volt camp with his 'Morning Light', as delivered by the Drive By Truckers. Finally Ben Haswell offers 'Isabel' which cuts backs on the crashing guitars and adds some sweet harmonies, it strays nearer to power pop, somewhere near where the Velvet Crush met Gene Clark. At no point would you think that you were in good old Bedford (it's quite near Luton).

So that out of the way, it is clear that they are going to stir up memories of totemic alt-country and Americana figures, those plaid-clad pioneers who made anything in this genre seem possible, maybe even before it had coalesced into a genre. They sound like all of those Glitterhouse compilation CDs melted down to form a band, a kind of shape-shifting Terminator of Americana. The Whybirds emphasise the traditional guitars - Folktronica, Glo-fi and other more recent hybrids are ignored. These songs exist within narrow parameters, there's Neil Young, Replacements, Whiskeytown and those previously mentioned. It is No Depression alright, it is boilerplate Americana, it seems superfluous to describe it further as most of you will already know exactly what this sounds like.

The strength of the record is the way that they ably put all their influences together into a cohesive whole, even with four different perspectives. The songs are all strong, the guitars burn and twist and just when you think it needs something different along comes 'I Just Want to See Your Face' or the title track to deliver up something gentler, more reflective. There are no real surprises, this record isn't about boundaries, it is about unpretentious alt-country and it is going to make an awful lot of people very happy.

David Cowling


Cold Blue Sky review... - Monday, February 08, 2010

Courtesy of Bedford Esquires' Martin Stapleton:

This is The Whybirds second album, which follows on from their eponymous debut from 2008. They also released an EP called "Tonight" a year previous. The band comprise Dave Banks (guitar, vocals), Ben Haswell (guitar, vocals), Taff Thatcher (guitar, vocals) and Luke Tuchscherer (drums, vocals). All the band members rotate their contribution to "Cold Blue Sky" as far as songwriting and lead vocal duties are concerned.

The Whybirds open their album with "Glow". This is a song that starts and builds ever so slowly, before exploding quite dynamically with the chorus. This is firmly and loudly delivered thus "Please come home, Not too slow, Your embrace, Makes me glow"! Versatility is the name of the game with this band. Forever rich in melody, they have the scope and power to rock out, which they demonstrate with a degree of panache on "I Feel Loved". The typical flexibility of contrast is evident on "Morning Light" as the 'fearsome' pace drops. With their guitar play both swaggering and swooning, "Isabel" captures The Whybirds at their heart rending, yet heart warming best. My equal favourite track of the album is a Luke composition entitled "Morva". It's a ballad of quite breathtaking beauty. I believe it has a Cornish inspiration, and the bittersweet lyrics are just perfect. It's bryntin! (Local dialect - look it up)

"Something Beautiful (This way comes)" highlights the band's strength, which is that they are superb tellers of tales in song. It's a blessed gift as they paint such lucid pictures that constantly pull at your musical soul without resorting to that other S word, namely sentimentality! It's a point in case on Dave's song called "Try a Little Harder". The quartet evoke such haunting soundscapes. The Whybirds effortlessly flit between the delicate acoustic wistfullness and some well trodden angsty guitar therapy! Methinks who needs the happy pills when "The Losing End" and "If You Stay With Me" are listened to.

"Jenny Can We Take a Ride?" has long been a perennial live favourite. The band always seem to enjoy playing it. Now it is captured on a disc. Many local places are namechecked for a full Bedfordian flavour. Taff's song "Mona Lisa" is my other stand out favourite. Beginning with the frenetic guitar feedback intro, this sees The Whybirds operating at a ferocious pace. In fact, you can almost feel the sparks fly. Containing much more attitude than the scenesters who just pose or the artless wannabees in skinny jeans, even perhaps the shouty males who scream for no particular reason! The Whybirds rock out with feeling.

"Cold Blue Sky", although it is full of atmospheric raindrops falling in the backdrop of this song, for this reviewer, proffers a friendly, homely, almost sunny homage to 'acoustic Young' (Neil). The final song is certainly one for the delicate of ear to positively feast upon. As this is a CD, I am even given a bonus track, which is called "I just want to see your Face". A delicious addition.

Totalling fifty four minutes and thirty seconds, and containing a plethora of interesting songs, this album is a great purchase, very enjoyable. Credit must go to the lads for co-producing with Tom Peters, who also recorded, engineered and mixed it at Monkey Puzzle Studios, Suffolk. "Cold Blue Sky" was mastered by Ru Cook at Lost Boys Studio, Bedfordshire. Elliot Mazer, you will be proud of The Whybirds' efforts.

ON TOUR w/ QUIREBOYS, JASON & THE SCORCHERS and CBS ON iTUNES! - Saturday, February 06, 2010

We're very excited to tell you that The Whybirds will supporting The Quireboys on their acoustic tour, which they're using to promote their acoustic record Halfpenny Dancer.

Dates confirmed so far are at The Musician, Leicester (25th March), The Stables, Milton Keynes (19th April) and at The Jazz Cafe, London (23rd April).

If that wasn't enough, the 'birds will also be heading out on the road with the mighty Jason & The Scorchers, with dates confirmed at The Musician, Leicester again (3rd May) and The Relentless Garage, London (8th May). We'll keep you posted if and when more dates are announced for both The Quireboys and Scorchers tours.

The band will also be taking their first trip to Wales, playing at the Sourmash Americana Club at L'etage in Wrexham on 16th April.

As for festivals, appearances have been confirmed at the Rhythms of the World festival in Hitchin (24-25th July) and the Rhythm Festival near Bedford (21-22 August), where Tuck's favourite Billy Bragg will be headlining!

There are also plenty of other shows dotted around the Bedford/Cambridge area as well as few others elsewhere, so the band are going to be very busy this year. Head over to the Gigs page fo full details.

The other exciting bit of news to tell you is that The Whybirds's second record, Cold Blue Sky, will be appearing on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other digital media on 15th March. But remember, hard copies of the album are already available exclusively from the Online Store!