Archived News: 2011

December Update - Friday, 01 December 2011


It’s getting to that time of year again when you have to spend loads of money, eat loads of food and drink loads of booze, and we hope you have a nice time.

We’re playing an acoustic show at Holy Moly’s, Esquires in Bedford this Friday 2nd December, which will be our last gig of the year. The wonderfully talented Jess Morgan is supporting us, so that’s double the reason to come. Entry is just £3 on the door.

We’re then planning to take January off to start working on our third studio album. We’ll let you know more about plans for the record as and when.

So all that’s left to say is THANK YOU for your ongoing support, please continue to spread the word about the ‘birds, and we hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. Be excellent to each other. See you in 2012.

The Whybirds

October Update - Tuesday, 18 September 2011

Hello all,

Just a quick one this month. We had a great time in Durango, so thanks to all our Basque Country fans for coming to see us there at DuranWOP.

Also, we really enjoyed our acoustic show at the Jazz Café in London with Alejandro Escovedo. He was such a nice bloke, and even invited us on stage for his encore to sing The Band’s “It Makes No Difference”, which was a real buzz.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. We’re headlining The Portland Arms in Cambridge on Thursday (20th Oct), but our friends’ bands Beverley Kills and The Judge Reinholds are playing too, so it’s gonna be a bit special. Get your tickets here!

That’s all folks, see you soon! The Whybirds

September Update - Monday, 26 September 2011

Hello there lovely people,

Just a couple of things this time. Firstly, thanks so much to the people that made it down to Cargo earlier this month. We are aware of the problems some people had getting in, despite having tickets, and obviously we’re not happy about it. But thanks anyway for making the effort and we hope it didn’t ruin your evening. A special apology goes out to Jim and Charlotte here.

We’re off to Durango, Spain on Friday to play a benefit gig for the Walk On Project, which should be a lot of fun as we’ve always enjoyed playing in the Basque Country.

In more local news, we’ve been asked to support the brilliant Alejandro Escovedo at The Jazz Café in Camden, London on 6th October. This should be an interesting gig, as we’re not allowed to use a drumkit, so we’re rearranging a lot of the songs and playing them in a completely acoustic way. Tickets are £16.50 and are available here.

Well, that about wraps her up for now, see you further on up the road.

The Whybirds

August Update - Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hello folks,

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. We had a nice time playing both Secret Garden Party and Summer Sundae recently, and have continued working on songs for the new album, which we’ll be recording soon.

The main bit of news this month is the same main bit of news we’ve had for the last few BirdFeeds: our headline show at Cargo in London on Saturday 3rd September.

It’s our first headline gig in the city for over a year, and we want to make it a good one, so if you could do your damnedest to come along we’ll love you forever. Tickets are just £6 in advance and are available here.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world,

The Whybirds

July Update - Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello all,

We hope all is well with you. We had a great time at Azkena Rock Festival, it was really well organised, the audience was great, we were well looked after… still buzzing from it really. There are a few fan videos up at, so go and check them out.

On 6 July we played a short notice gig, supporting Evan Dando of Lemonheads fame in Bedford. Esquires was rammed in a way that we haven’t seen for quite some time, so hopefully this could start a bit of a resurgence in getting some bigger names back to the venue.

The only other gig we’ve got this month is at Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon on 22 July, then next month we’ve got the Summer Sundae in Leicester on 12 August.

BUT! Most importantly, we’ve got our headline show at Cargo in London coming up on Saturday 3 September! It’s a big ol’ place and we need as many people to come as possible, else it’ll be rubbish and we’ll cry. Tickets are £6 in advance and are available here.

Take ‘er easy,

The Whybirds

June Update - Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hi there,

We’ve got a few bits to tell you about this month.

Firstly, we’re heading into the studio this summer to record the next album. We don’t know when it’s going to be out yet, but it’ll likely be early next year.

Secondly, the first album (2008’s The Whybirds) is available on CD again. The record – produced by Nick Mailing (The Quireboys, The Smoking Hearts) – contains songs such as “Girl is on Fire”, “What it Means”, “Hauling” and “Foolish Heart”. Head on over to store to get your copy if you haven’t already.

Thirdly, we’ve just confirmed a headline show at Cargo in Shoreditch, London on Saturday 3 September. Now, we know that’s a little while off yet, but it’s our first big headline show in London for absolutely ages, so we really need to pack the place out. Tickets are available for £6 in advance and are available here.

The next gig is at Azkena Rock Festival in Spain on 25 June, then the next one is Secret Garden Party at the end of July.

That about does her for now, hopefully see you soon. Book your tickets for Cargo!

May Update - Tuesday, 4 May 2011

Hello people,

Just a quick update to let you know about some things we’ve got coming up.

We’re playing The Musician in Leicester on Saturday 14 May (tickets available here) and at Esquires in Bedford on 29 May. We’ll then be playing an acoustic gig at Harpurs in Bedford on 1 June.

Then it’s festival time, where so far the band are booked to appear at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge (4 June), the Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria, Spain (25 June), the Secret Garden Party in Huntingdon (23 July) and Summer Sundae in Leicester (12 August).

And, rumour has it, we may well be heading into the studio sometime in the summer to start work on our third record…


Hello there Whybirds fans,

Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you know that our new live album, Live Recordings Vol. 1, is available for download today!

You can get it from all the usual places, iTunes, Spotify, Play, Amazon etc.

The collection features 11 songs recorded between 2008 and 2009, including three previously unreleased songs ­– "Recover, Repeat", "Something Real" and "Before I Go Crazy" – as well as versions of fan favourites such as "Girl is on Fire" and "Jenny, Can We Take a Ride?" (named in Classic Rock's top 50 songs of 2010).

"I Feel Loved" (Banks)
"Recover, Repeat" (Tuchscherer)
"What it Means" (Tuchscherer)
"Four Little Letters" (Thatcher)
"Something Beautiful (This Way Comes)" (Tuchscherer)
"Make Me Numb" (Tuchscherer)
"Hauling" (Thatcher)
"Something Real" (Banks)
"Jenny, Can We Take a Ride?" (Banks)
"Girl is on Fire" (Banks)
"Before I Go Crazy" (Tuchscherer)

Don't forget, the CD version is also available exclusively from the online store

February Update - Monday, 21 February 2011

Hello there Whybirds fans,

We hope you had a good Christmas/New Year break and are getting stuck into 2011.

Things may appear pretty quiet here on The Whybirds front, but rest assured, we’ve got some exciting plans bubbling away. We’ll tell you more when the time comes.

At the moment, we have a couple of local shows booked up, the first in Bedford on 4 March at the Ent Shed, and the other in Cambridge on 1 April at The Living Room.

As you may be aware, our live album is already available on CD from from the online store, but will be available for download from iTunes, Amazon, Play etc come 14 March.

The biggest bit of official news for 2011 is that the ‘birds are confirmed to play the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain in June. The band will appear on Saturday the 25th. Other acts confirmed include Band of Horses, Bright Eyes, Ozzy Osbourne, Primus, Clutch, Brian Setzer and Rob Zombie. It’s gonna be a blast.

Other than that, we hope you’re all well. If you’re not already, feel free to join us at or, or on our forum.